AGPTEK HDMI Extender, 1080P@60HZ 1x2 Splitter Device Over CAT6/6A/7/8 Cable, Transmission up to 40m/131ft with Loop-Out Local Display, Support IR Remote Control,EDID Function

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AGPTEK HDMI Extender, 1080P@60HZ 1x2 Splitter Device Over CAT6/6A/7/8 Cable, Transmission up to 40m/131ft with Loop-Out Local Display, Support IR Remote Control,EDID Function

AGPTEK HDMI Extender, 1080P@60HZ 1x2 Splitter Device Over CAT6/6A/7/8 Cable, Transmission up to 40m/131ft with Loop-Out Local Display, Support IR Remote Control,EDID Function

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It costs a little more than a basic HDMI splitter, but the OREI UHD-PRO102 HDMI Splitter is still fairly inexpensive and offers just about all of the capabilities you’ll need if you’re simply looking for a splitter with two HDMI outs. It supports resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz and automatically scales your video source to match the resolution of each screen. It requires independent power via Micro USB, and OREI does include a wall adapter, which isn’t a given with some of the cheapest splitters. Why it made the cut: Tripp Lite’s 8-port HDMI Splitter may be pricey, but it will easily handle the most demanding multi-display setups thrown at it. Device compatible - There are different versions of HDMI cables, and as such there are some devices that may not be compatible with specific versions. In today's market, the standard HDMI Cable version in stores is the 2.0 and as such manufacturers have created a splitter which works well with this cable version. When purchasing a splitter, you must study the versions it will be compatible with before making the final decision. The more versions your splitter can work with, the better it is for use.

An HDMI splitter can’t extend the display to two monitors. What a splitter does is mirror the original image to 2 or more displays. A USB-to-HDMI adapter may effectively add a second HDMI port, which will extend the display. However, not all computers are able to output to a display via a USB port. If you want to extend your image and use dual displays, a splitter just won’t work. A splitter can split the image into two duplicates but can never extend the image. The major benefit is that it allows you to extend distance between devices. For example, when you want to view a film using a blue ray DVD player on the TV in another room where you are not able to do it, you can use an HDMI extender with flexible cables to make this connection possible.


In April 2020, she started writing for Android Authority, covering listicles, helpful how-to's for Android devices, and content on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. This is also important when you have a subscription to a streaming service that limits the number of simultaneous streams you can watch. For example, if you have the Standard Netflix membership, you can only watch up to two streams at once. Bars & Restaurants: You can transmit a 4K HDMI signal from your control room to the large TV in front of the tables, extending digital menu or advertising video to the digital signage inside or outside. An HDMI extender ensure your patrons enjoy the best screen viewing experience possible.

An HDMI splitter takes the signal from a single source (like a streaming device, game console, or 4K Blu-ray player) and sends it to TVs or monitors, so you can watch the same image on many screens at once. For people looking to duplicate a video signal or a static image, 4K resolution at 30Hz will be plenty. However, the best bet for most people will be an HDMI splitter capable of supporting a 4K resolution at 60Hz. If you want to future-proof your setup, you can splurge on an HDMI splitter that supports 4K@120Hz, or even 8K@60Hz. Amount of power - Amount of power in an HDMI splitter will determine its efficiency thus it is better to opt for a unit which offers a high amount of energyBefore you buy an HDMI splitter for dual monitors, you should have a plan. This is a specific little accessory that does a very specific thing. If you don’t have a device, like a game console, cable box, or PC, that you want to show on multiple monitors simultaneously, you should hold off on buying this until such a need arises.

Home Theater: You can transmit a 4K ultra HD HDMI signal from your equipment room in the basement to a large TV in the living room upstairs. If you also need to return audio from the TV to your AV system at a long distance, HDMI extenders with ARC & eARC ensure you enjoy the sharpest image and finest audio at each side.An HDMI switcher lets you plug multiple video sources into a single HDMI port on your TV or monitor, then switch between them, which can be handy if you have more game consoles, streaming devices, and computers than HDMI ports. If you’re having this problem, you might also consider buying an AV receiver, which can provide more HDMI ports and can improve audio fidelity if you have a surround sound system. Final thoughts on the best HDMI splitters for dual monitors

A: The simplest way to describe how an HDMI splitter works is that it takes an HDMI signal and outputs it multiple times. HDMI splitters work by boosting an HDMI signal and allow you to surpass the usual limitations of any given form. These splitters can also handle the EDID handshaking and HDCP displays from sources that are needed for the signal to function properly. HDMI splitters take the signal from an origin device and send the signal out to multiple displays. HDMI on its own is capable of digital handshaking and the splitter is able to read and match the signal that each device is able to receive. This minimizes any issues with video or audio so the result is a little more seamless. Q: Does an HDMI splitter reduce quality? When setting up dual monitors with HDMI, it’s important to understand the different monitor modes available to you. The most common monitor modes are: Identify the names of the displays you want to use and enter the command “xrandr –output [display name] –auto –right-of [other display name]” to configure the displays. Your computer’s graphics card/graphic capabilities: Ensure that your graphics card is capable of running dual monitors and has more than one port if it supports a multi-monitor setup. While many laptops have “integrated” graphics, not a discreet graphics card, you can still look up the processor’s external monitor capabilities. This is because it will put a port out of use. Keeping this in mind will help you manage your ports and not run into any issues down the road. Note: Some Computers Can’t Support Some External Monitors

A: Many people have raised the concern of an HDMI splitter reducing the quality of the audio or video streaming from their devices. The HDMI cable can transmit and copy digital signals without losing quality. However, as with most devices, it does depend on the quality of the HDMI splitter you have. If you must use an HDMI splitter, it is worth spending a little more for a decent one. Long term, you will most likely have it for longer. More importantly, you won't need to deal with the frustration of poor video and audio quality. Q: Can you split HDMI to two monitors? Price - Every reader's budget is catered for with this article, as the list of recommendations offers products of different price ranges. All devices mentioned are budget-friendly and offer the best quality as well. If you need to split your image among eight displays, Tripp Lite makes the splitter for the job. It’s considerably more expensive than the others but it’s also capable of outputting a video source to eight screens in 4K at up to 60Hz. It’s a suitably heavy-duty unit with all-metal construction, and it even comes with mounting hardware if you want to attach it to a wall or a desktop. Extend: This mode allows you to extend your desktop across both monitors, providing more screen real estate and allowing you to multitask more efficiently. Sarah has an Associate of Arts from Collin College and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Creative Writing concentration from Nicholls State University.

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