Galaxy in Flames (The Horus Heresy): No. 3

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Galaxy in Flames (The Horus Heresy): No. 3

Galaxy in Flames (The Horus Heresy): No. 3

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The big turning point (SPOILERS) is when Lucius betrays everyone because of how jealous he is of Saul (END SPOILERS). The battle with the Istvaanians/warsingers was entertaining, but knowing what comes after made me breeze through it. Primarchs Angron, Mortarion and Fulgrim of the World Eaters, Death Guard and Emperor's Children respectively have all sided with Horus and their four Legions gather in the Isstvan system on the pretence of crushing a rebellion by the Isstvanians. philosophising between the loyalists, something that would make the protagonists - into whom we have invested over twenty-four hours - more human, and thus their murders more tragic.

New bonds are formed with those bloodthirsty World Eaters, the dull Death Guard and perfectionist Emperor's Children - those whom are seen to be clinging to the old ways - that of love for the Emperor beyond all, are to be sorely tested. The other worldly space wizard aspect is amazing for creating wonder and horror in a grimdark setting. Simultaneously there are three of these face to face battles pitting our well known traitors and loyalists against each other. The four arrive at the Vengeful Spirit's hangar and plan to steal a Thunderhawk but are intercepted by Maggard.There's this guy Horus and he's been corrupted by the Dark Gods of Chaos and now he's plotting against his father the Emperor, but some of the people in his fleet are kind of weirded out by the entire human sacrifice thing and are like "What the hell? All I’ll say next is that the setup from this book leaves you to dive into wherever you want (pretty much) in the wider Horus Heresy series. Lucius leads the Emperor's Children half of the attack on the Precentor's Palace while the World Eaters under Captain Ehrlen become bogged down massacring fanatical citizens in a plaza to the north and the Death Guard advance through the city's defensive trenchworks. In The First Heretic, we see why the Word Bearers fell together by seeing it through the eyes of Argel Tal, Lorgar, Cyrene, and many other people attached to them. Deaths of major characters, which will provides motivation to avenge them, getting me interested in reading those future novels.

Third of the "Give Heresey a chance" set due to a request by Dan Abnett, and it is the most entertaining of the lot. The goods do not need to be in their original packaging however in a sellable condition, and at your own cost and risk. Tarvitz then arrives and warns them of their imminent betrayal, tasking Lucius with transmitting a warning to the Sons of Horus and Death Guard while he goes to warn the World Eaters.Galaxy In Flames is the conclusion to the grandiose opening trilogy of The Horus Heresy and what a butcher's bill there is. I’ve yet to read a novel from him that couldn’t be described as bolter-porn, and Galaxy in Flames is no exception. Every minute you keep the traitors here is another minute for the Emperor to bring the Warmaster to justice. Qruze and Maggard fight but are evenly matched until Sindermann picks up Maggard's dropped pistol and shoots him in the side, allowing Qruze to finish him off. This doesn’t make the book bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it takes away from what could be.

For the first time in the series, you couldn’t have really have picked another author to do a novel where a large percentage of it would be about the Battle for Isstvann III.Putting their own concerns aside, Garviel Loken and his loyal kinsmen lead their companies to the surface only to learn the full, horrifying truth, and the legendary war known as the Horus Heresy begins with the most foul act of betrayal imaginable. Yet, that new brotherhood never felt earned when the book centered only on what Emperor’s Children were doing while the book glossed over half of the other players present. Whereas another one of his brothers holding the line with him becomes envious and thinks Saul is hogging all the glory. They are cunning and ambitious, but they are very prideful and arrogant on the other side of the coin.

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