Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

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Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

Fingerprints Of The Gods: The International Bestseller From the Creator of Netflix’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

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Graham Hancock is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven's Mirror. Then let us suppose that some other unexpected disaster were to occur – an aftershock or series of aftershocks from the original catastrophe perhaps – and the beach-head was almost totally annihilated. In other words, if the buildings were large enough, capable of enduring through immense spans of time and encoded through and through with the cult’s message, there would be hope that the message would be decoded at some future date even if the cult had by then long since ceased to exist. includes an intact roof, but for the fine quality of the many acres of beautiful reliefs that decorate its towering walls. What about the new understanding that is dawning concerning the geological antiquity of the Sphinx at Giza?

Crowns similar to these in many respects had been important parts of the wardrobe of all the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, at least on the evidence of reliefs depicting them. Another core hypothesis of his is the similarities among the records kept by ancient civilisations about the story that wise bearded men came to teach them how to re-build a society from scratch after the great disaster.Even below the great gateway there is no floor, and when there was water in front of it the cells were probably reached with a small boat. As to its date, its great similarity with the Temple of the Sphinx [as the Valley Temple was then known] shows it to be of the same epoch when building was made with enormous stones without any ornament. An intellectual detective story, this unique history book directs probing questions at orthodox history, presenting disturbing new evidence that historians have tried - but failed - to explain. Under such circumstances, ten or twelve thousand years from now (with all written records and film archives long since destroyed) what testimony might our descendants still preserve concerning the events at the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 of the Christian era? Naturally, the hypothesis also suggests that it was this same cult, towards the end of those 8ooo missing years, that provided the initiating spark for the sudden and ‘fully formed’ emergence of the literate historical civilization of dynastic Egypt.

An example is Ignatius Donnelly's Atlantis, which was pu Measuring about 80 feet in length by 40 in width, this plinth was composed of enormous paving blocks and was entirely surrounded by water. Not all testimony from the past is accorded the same stature as the records of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.But if it’s true, then it can significantly change the course of history and our understanding of our civilisation, not to mention what they are trying to tell us so that we can be more prepared for the future. Could the Piri Reis maps be evidence for a previously unknown complex maritime civilisation, capable of mapping the globe? We therefore have the opportunity, as I have said, to learn from the experiences of our predecessors. One obvious solution would be to make use of the beautiful predictability of the earth’s axial precession, which has the effect of slowly and regularly altering the declination of the entire star-field in relation to a viewer at a fixed point, and which equally slowly and regularly revolves equinoctial point in relation to the twelve zodiacal constellations. The floods were all actually told in the many mythology and religion around the world, from the flood of Noah in the Bible, to the story in Hindu scripture, to South American mythology, to Greek tragedy.

Incorporating the uraeus, the royal serpent symbol (which in Mexico was a rattlesnake but in Egypt was a hooded cobra poised to strike), the central core of this strange contraption was recognisable as an example of the hedjet, the white skittle-shaped war helmet of upper Egypt (again known only from reliefs).The decoration was added by Seti I, who in that way laid claim to the building, but seeing how often a Pharaoh claimed the work of his predecessors by putting his name on it, this fact does not carry much weight. Traces of the same code appear in Egyptian myth, and it is to this desert land that Graham and Santha travel, finding there haunting parallels in architecture and ritual to the New World sites they have just left behind.

In making these latter suggestions I am, of course, fully aware that there are many who will be scornful and will assert the uniformitarian view that ‘all things will continue as they have done since the beginning of creation. There is evidence of an astonishingly early period of agricultural advance and experimentation in the Nile Valley at about the end of the last Ice Age in the northern hemisphere. And I am even more impressed by the sense of urgency – of a vitally important mission – that seems to have enlightened all their works and deeds. Likewise, in Mesopotamia, the Noah figure Utnapishtim was instructed by the god Ea ‘to take the beginning, the middle and the end of whatever was consigned to writing and then to bury it in the City of the Sun at Sippara’. In several reliefs of the Seti I Temple Osiris was depicted wearing the Atef crown, which seemed to stand about two feet high.The tops of these huge columns were spanned by granite lintels and there was evidence that the whole building had once been roofed over with a series of even larger monolithic slabs. What about the questions raised by the gigantic blocks used in the construction of the Valley and Mortuary Temples? A similar transverse chamber, also of limestone but no longer with an intact roof, lay immediately south of the great gateway. Hopi Indian Reservation, May 1994: Across the high plains of Arizona, for days and days and days, a desolate wind had been blowing.

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