Axiom's End: 1 (Noumena)

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Axiom's End: 1 (Noumena)

Axiom's End: 1 (Noumena)

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The Amygdaline relationship model shown is closest to a polycule, though it's explicitly noticed that there's a level of intimacy involved that doesn't translate to human understanding. Scary Dogmatic Aliens: Averted for most of the Fremda ( barring Obelus), but played straight with the rest of the Superorganism, who once completely sterilized an entire planet for hosting a population of transients. Ampersand warns the Secretary of Defense that communication between two intelligent species is dangerous because any two species will have fundamentally different values and those differences will inevitably cause conflict. Seeing the car briefly stunned her into a stupor; she had not actually expected to see anything there.

Whilst these are important questions, and ones that the book does address, this isn't what the book meant to me, or what I really took away from it. He fancied himself part of the hacktivist crowd, and, like most of his peers, he adored Nils Ortega. I doubt that Lindsay herself will ever read this review, but if she does I just want to say thank you.Cora and the alien strike a wary alliance, as Cora wants to reunite with her abducted family members while the alien needs a human interpreter. But there were also times she came across as naive and foolish, and seemed to not really have her life together.

There will be sequels - the book is touted as the first in the Noumena sequence - but the book has a fair amount of closure to it and no immediate cliffhangers. The fan belt was just the last in a long line of events that only tightened the spiral of powerlessness that was coming to define her existence, and by this point, she was getting used to it. Since she can't lift him and she thinks it's a bad idea to leave an alien corpse in a random parking garage anyway, she just drives off with him still in the back of the van. The transients, a sister species to the amygdalines that can quickly deplete a planet's resources, are implied to be on Earth. Lindsay Ellis talks about these themes a lot, whether it's when she's discussing Disney movies, or her love of Phantom of the Opera, as such I shouldn't have been surprised to see these themes featured so heavily in her book.But I am so glad this was not only decent, but it quickly has become one of my favorite novels I've read this year. Creative Sterility: The Superorganism has purged itself of any diversity out of xenophobia, leaving its culture and technology largely stagnant.

As a species, they are capable of building a Dyson Sphere and exterminating life across an entire planet. Learning the extent to which both she and the public have been lied to, she sets out to gather as much information as she can, and finds that the best way for her to find the truth is not as a whistleblower, but as an intermediary. On Cora's end, this bond causes her to become extremely attached to him in the way one would be attached to a lover. No Body Left Behind: The amygdalines in the Fremda Group make sure to disintegrate each other's bodies after death, to prevent the humans from studying them. Aliens Speaking English: Alien Ampersand speaks perfect English, as does Obelus, because they've cracked an algorithm that lets them learn all Earth languages perfectly—or rather, they know Earth languages; the way amygdalines vocalize is totally incompatible with human speech, so Ampersand uses a high-tech text-to-voice gadget.Homeworld Evacuation: The amygdalines, transients, and the unnamed "post-biological" species all descend from a race that fled their dying homeworld and colonized the surrounding star systems.

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