Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus - True Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Solution for Speech Enhancement with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) - Black

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Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus - True Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Solution for Speech Enhancement with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) - Black

Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus - True Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Solution for Speech Enhancement with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) - Black

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Sonova’s idea with the Conversation Clear Plus is simple: to allow people with hearing loss to find hearing aids that look like conventional wireless headphones. The idea is not to hide the earpieces but to make them look like true wireless headphones. Most importantly, by displaying the Sennheiser logo, Sonova hopes to break down the stigma some people might feel when buying a first-time hearing aid device. Since the FDA announced the law change that allows for OTC hearing aids to be sold last year, many companies have jumped in to provide their own solutions. Sennheiser is taking a slightly different route by providing something of a middle ground — buds that do provide similar tech, but to help you hear conversations better in noisier situations. For devices designed to be worn while chatting, the Conversation Clear Plus earbuds also feel pretty bulky in the ear. This is likely to make some users self-conscious or at least feel uncomfortable after wearing them for a prolonged period of time. With step-by-step guidance in the companion app, getting started with Conversation Clear Plus is easy. In combination with the Conversation Clear Plus app, the earbuds deliver an intuitive, hassle-free user experience for tailoring listening preferences. READ NEXT: Our favourite noise-cancelling earbuds Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus: What could be improved?

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In concrete terms, the relax mode is the one that will offer active noise reduction with a gauge allowing 0 to 100% of external sounds to pass through. What good are the best technologies if they are too complex to use? Conversation Clear Plus adjusts to many situations fully automatically. Sometimes, however, you may want to set the sound to your own taste.The earbuds themselves are bigger than your standard buds, with a chunky feel that protrudes slightly out of your ear when wearing them. To keep them firmly in place it comes with three sizes of ear tips and three sizes of ear fins that hold the earbuds firmly in place. Once you have the sizing right, they do hold securely in your ear, despite their weight. (whole thing is very interesting, but the section titled "Bluetooth 5, Classic and Low Energy" explains this) Utilizing sophisticated Sonova chip technology, conversations and calls are enhanced thanks to the Sennheiser Automatic Scene Detection feature, which analyzes the noise level of a user's environment and matches the speech enhancement level to their surroundings. Overall, this feature is interesting, but it needs to distinguish itself from what Apple already offers with the hearing aid mode of the AirPods. More importantly, with Bluetooth LE Audio eventually coming to Android, most traditional wireless headphones should offer a similar feature. STREAM MODE In concrete terms, the Conversation Clear application is different from Smart Control. It doesn’t offer multiple noise reduction modes, touch controls, or the ability to change the equaliser on the headphones. After a few hearing tests to fine-tune the volume and clarity level, you will have access to three tabs: relax, communication and stream.

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Overall the bluetooth connection was reliable and stable throughout my time using the devices. Personalizing my settings with the app was also straightforward and easy. While the app is a nice feature, adjustments can seem limited by comparison and there was no obvious way to turn the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature on or off. How Do They Sound? Sennheiser has tried to solve that predicament with these brand-new earbuds unveiled this week at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The Conversation Clear Plus help you listen to what everyone around you is saying even in particularly crowded spots. True wireless earbuds that are primarily designed to help with hearing difficulties rather than to stream music are becoming more common, and the Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus come from one of the biggest, most credible brands around. They come at a price, though – and even before they’re set up and doing their thing, it’s hard to understand why they’re as expensive as they are. They’re perfectly adequately built and finished, but they look and feel a lot more ordinary than the asking price suggests they should. The thinking behind how switching works is muddled. Switching between Relax and Communication is simple – a hold on the right or left bud depending on which mode you’re in swaps between them – but the Stream mode is an afterthought, accessible only through the Conversation Clear app. Bluetooth is v4.2 with SBC codec support, and while the connection has been fine when used in pubs and offices, walking through Waterloo did cause a spotty connection.The headphones will analyse the sounds around you to gauge your environment best and calibrate which sounds to reduce and which to keep. In practice, the effect will be relatively weak in a quiet room. In a noisy place, however, the filter will be more pronounced. On the other hand, the headphones will tend to emphasise only the mid-range frequencies and therefore offer a rather tiring sound to listen to, which will need more depth. Current Headphones | HD 820, HD 800, HD 800S, HD 660S, HD 660S2, HD 650, HD 600, HD 595, HD 560S, HD 280, HD 25-1 II, HD 25 Originals, MM400, MOMENTUM Wireless 3, MOMENTUM 4 Wireless Conversation Clear Plus provide a respectable sound quality in everyday quiet or one-on-one situations. The audio feed is full, or broadband, and relatively true to how the surrounding world sounds in normal listening conditions without earbuds. There is also no perceptible delay, or latency, which aids the realism of their ambient awareness system. My experiences while streaming music were also similar. This restored, modified and electrified classic Mini is the perfect car for city traffic, but it comes at a price You'll get up to 9 hours of use from these at a time, and they come housed in a charging case which delivers up to 27 hours of battery to the buds in total before you'll need to plug it in using a USB-C cable.

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When used outside it’s a solid buffer on transportation on the streets of London. The transparency mode (which you can switch into by adjusting the slider in the Relax mode) is not the clearest sounding effort. There’s a strange distortion (like what I remember from the Lypertek SoundFree S20) that produces an unnatural hum. Despite that, it does latch on to voices well.After that, there are ten stages of external sound reduction available in the Relax mode, as well as a slider to make external sounds “smoother” or “clearer” (Sennheiser’s descriptions, not mine). Communication has ten stages of speech volume enhancement, a “Clarity boost” control to basically turbo-charge that enhancement and, again, a slider to give an emphasis either to speech clarity or smoothness. Stream has a control option to balance the level of external sounds against the volume of the media you’re listening to, and the clear/smooth slider makes another appearance. The app has a degree of autonomy, too (as long as you allow it) – “Automatic Scene Detection” constantly monitors your environment, and will adjust noise and/or boost levels to suit. The release of Conversation Clear Plus comes less than a year after Sonova’s acquisition of Sennheiser’s Consumer Business. Sennheiser has a long history in the audio world offering a wide range of high-fidelity products such as microphones, conferencing solutions, and headphones. Sonova on the other hand has made their name in the hearing healthcare market with brands such as Phonak, Unitron, and Advanced Bionics. Conversation Clear Plus is without doubt the offspring synthesizing the specialties of both companies. Another prevalent issue I faced was distortion from wind or swift head movements. This was not necessarily surprising as the microphones sit on the outer face of the earbuds making them more susceptible to turbulence. Wind noise is a prevalent issue across both earbuds and hearing aids and is a common complaint for those who use devices regularly. If Sennheiser announces up to 9 hours of battery life, I must admit that the battery life that I could measure with these parameters was much longer. The left earpiece went out after 12 hours and 46 minutes. From this point onwards, however, I could no longer use the right earpiece in streaming mode and had to switch to communication mode to use up the last seven battery points, which were lost in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

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The charging case is quite chunky at nearly twice the length of the earbuds, presumably to allow for the battery, and has a USB-C port to allow easy charging. You get up to nine hours of charge per use, with the case holding two additional charges, giving you a total of 27 hours before needing to plug them in. My ears are 73yo, and I’m certainly interested how good their sound quality is, and if the set may be employing the same driver that we’re already familiar with. Both LED’s on the earbuds start to blink blue, the “ConCPlus1” will be shown in the list of devices on your Bluetooth deviceOne of those brands is Sennheiser. It launched several products in recent years to enhance the clarity of the interactions you have every day with people and devices in the home. On the inside, the Conversation Clear Plus feature 12mm full-range dynamic drivers with a stated frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz. Battery life is around nine hours in the earbuds themselves, with a further two full charges in the case; from flat to full takes around five hours using the case’s USB-C input. No wireless charging is available. Wireless connectivity is via Bluetooth 4.2, with SBC and AAC codec compatibility.

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