No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories

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No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories

No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories

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I don't think July invites laughter, rather that she is tenderly drawing out poison from a wound so deep it contaminates all of our interactions. Also essential to the Miranda July recipe for prose: a very inappropriate, sexually 'shocking' element and/or really depressingly bad sex, a rather directionless plot that often includes a therapy session, and a lacklustre, artsy-fartsy end. But I feel let down by selections like "Making Love in 2003" and "The Boy from Lam Kien," which read like a bunch of "good line - no home" fragments pieced together. What I mean when I say this was like performance art was that it felt like she was literally there, while I was reading, though I mean obviously she wasn't. OK, fine, I love them, but I also wonder what we're not dealing with or what kind of shortcut this is or if we think only nutjobs speak-think magical prose.

Her protagonists’ most common ailment is a symptom of celebrity magazine culture – especially rampant in her home town of Los Angeles – in which they come to believe that life always could, indeed should, be more glamorous than it is.I've kind of been going crazy since reading it and I thought writing it down and seeing if anyone else responded would help. But if I'd decided I didn't like Miranda July, I wouldn't have, so if you don't wind up liking her reading these will be awful. July's characters are orphans and runaways and misfits, insecure, lost and lonely, but they do their best to find that last remaining scintilla of strength in each other and in themselves.

I really loved her movie, and I remember liking her performance stuff back in Portland, during those so long-ago, simpler times. and i guess, come to think of it, her movie was exactly like these stories except it was only an hour and a half. Or a long, laughing, rambling phone message in which every person this person has ever known is talking on a speakerphone and they are all saying,You have passed the test, it was all just a test, we were only kidding, real life is so much better than that. And it takes genius - nothing added, nothing taken away genius - to pull this off in the space of a single paragraph, again and again and again.Todavía lo estoy leyendo y creo que lo estoy haciendo a cámara lenta para que tarde mucho en terminarse. The best of her stories adds a depth of emotional truth which can persuade you to believe in her most oddball worlds. Apologies to anyone who has read this far for all presumptuous, conceited, self-centered, self-analytical, self-serving comparisons above. In the bathtub this person pushes the bubbles around and listens to the sound of millions of them popping at once.

There is much dark humour and I was initially greatly entertained and at times moved by the quirks, neuroses and peculiarities of her people. To make it more impressive, she manages to do this and keep the stories concise at the same time; while admittedly most of the characters come to assume similar voices, she nonetheless creates complex, unique narratives in often fewer than ten pages. Every short story is a first-person narrative from someone who is desperate, odd, lonely, delusional, and slightly creepy.It is our intent and purpose to foster and encourage in-depth discussion about all things related to books, authors, genres, or publishing in a safe, supportive environment. Yastık yok oluncaya kadar ve hala dönmeyi sürdürdüğü için gezegeni öldürmek istercesine, her gün bu gezegende yalnız yaşamak zorunda bırakılışınızın öcünü almak istercesine durmadan, durmadan toprağı bıçaklayın. No matter how many hipsters are crushing hard on you and your cute little curls, you can't do everything.

Whether writing about a middle-aged woman's obsession with Prince William or an aging bachelor who has never been in love, the result is startling, tender and sexy by turns. Saying this makes me feel conventional, but when I read, I want to feel *something* or be supremely aware of its absence. Funny the first time, because you know no one ever actually “decides” or “thinks” that and it's just an amusing function of the authorial voice, but incredibly grating the forty-seven-thousandth time because by then you realize you're on page 200 and no one in this book has “decided” or “thought” anything at all. There is a marked new maturity in these stories--a determination not just to chronicle her characters' obsessions and idiosyncrasies, but also to understand the purpose they serve. I realise that this short review has not really articulated what made me uneasy - Robin's review here explains it much better.

I was the kind of kid who failed school -not because I was stupid, but because I needed to focus, come back down to earth, stop daydreaming. Despite the bleakness of their lonely lives, the adults in the stories respond to their surroundings with child-like puzzlement and wonder.

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