Against All Gods: The Age of Bronze: Book 1

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Against All Gods: The Age of Bronze: Book 1

Against All Gods: The Age of Bronze: Book 1

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His strength is definitely that his writing is much closer to historical fiction -- with the eye for real world historical details -- than most fantasy. It’s nothing like The Traitor Son Cycle, with its chivalric romance story, which makes it stand out even more. Still, the ruler of the gods likes his carnal pleasures, and fiendishly delights in pain to those who oppose him.

You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. She reveals how everything humans think they know is a lie, and shares the secret that will save and condemn them all. The gods themselves are all colourful individuals and whilst, as the villains, you can never quite feel sympathetic to them, you do find yourself wanting to at least understand them better. They talked and behaved in very "modern" ways and I had difficulties at time reconciling their characters with the setting of a bronze-age world. Seldom will a reader have to work hard to imagine the ziggurats, high city walls, the divine counsel chambers of Sumerian/Assyrian literature, and it strikes me that any TV executive looking to replicate the success of Game of Thrones could do worse than look here.

Determined not to be mere pawns in a cosmic game of immortal gods, the rebels will decide to do the impossible: go up against all the gods and win! The author tries to hide key ideas through a mysterious plot where we don't always know who has the upper-hand among the gods and he doesn't want to throw everything in your face through heavy exposition; however, he doesn't balance it to the point where you understand the culture, the relationship with the gods, who the Dry Ones are, etc. Zos’ combination of charisma, world-weary skepticism, and bravado, made for a really dynamic character as well. Again, this doesn't necessarily bother me in some books, but here it just felt unnecessary and mean. It builds momentum as plot and counterplot emerge in this rich world of kingdoms, men, gods, and demons.

A vibrant and powerful epic set against an alternate Bronze Age, this tale of gods, men and monsters, conspiracy and war, is a rich, compelling and original read from a master of the historical and fantasy genres. Reading Christian (or, in this case, Miles) Cameron books always makes me want to read EVEN MORE Christian Cameron books. The prose that isn't like this is super basic and all characters talk exactly the same, making it hard for me to remember who was who.Sadly, with such a long "prologue" and quite a lot of chapters set in the domain of the gods there's not as much time for the interaction between the characters as I would have liked. However, the gods are not as secure as they would hope, and all it will take is one spark to ignite a deadly rebellion against them. Hefa-Asus, a mysterious smith who knows more than he lets on and seems to wait all of his life to fulfil his task in this plan and travels with his apprentice Nicte. There’s a real feel of the classic fantasy ensemble story, but with a fresh and engaging perspective on the genre which blends mythology, historical accuracy and a modern tone of voice. The gods feel the humans are beneath contempt, just playthings, but necessary to feed their existence, and the humans become equally contemptuous of the gods, due to the god’s oppressive treatment of their mortal subjects.

He tries to pull from Mesopotamian, Greek, and Egyptian cultures, and I applaud him for it, it just wasn't always coherent and melded into a fully fleshed world. When the daughter of powerful magos and aristocrat, Gamash of Weshwesh, is killed by a malicious god, it sets off a chain of events that will change everything. Once this happens, and the humans open their eyes to how badly the gods behave, it seems war is unavoidable, because without mutual respect, neither party can value the lives of the other.Sometimes, within one person's point of view, you actually get the thoughts from another character in the same scene, so you don't know who is actually thinking what. Just when you think maybe someone has emerged that can fill that role, something happens that makes you question your assessment.

For example, the story opens with Author's Note that because novel is being set in a fantasy version of the Bronze Age there is no steel, no standardised measure system, it's barter economy, etc. I mean, the guy will bust out a brilliant heroic fantasy one year, release an outstanding space opera the next, and now he brings us a historical fantasy with mythology.It may seem disconnected and unnerving to begin with, but trust that all the threads weave together to create a revenge-worthy rebellion.

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